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About Us


The safety of our members has been one of the principal objectives of the IBEW since it's founding when on-the-job accidents claimed the lives of one out of every two workers.

The IBEW Constitution states:
Each Local Union shall have a safety and health committee which shall: investigate and report serious accidents and fatalities......promote safety & health and cooperate with safety organizations as determined by the Local Union ........................... IBEW Constitution, Article 16, Sec. 15.

Safety Training
* Percentage of worksites requiring safety training.

Only when workers have a VOICE will they have control over safety on the job!

Safety Performance
*Percentage of worksites rating high in safety performance.

According to a study published in the Journal of Occupational Medicine: Union [worksites] distinguish themselves by better training, more stable employment, a workplace where regular safety meetings are held.........They also had better knowledge of safety practices and felt they had more control over their own safety.


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