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NLRB Election

Section 9 of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) requires that 30% of the employees sign cards authorizing the union to represent them before the union can ask for recognition from the company.

1.  When a majority of cards (65% of the bargaining unit) have been secured, the IBEW will ask the company to recognize your union. (Even though the law only requires 30%, we think it is wise not to ask for recognition with less then 65%.  We don't want to waste your time or our time if we don't think we can be successful.)

2.  If the company should refuse such recognition, the cards may then be taken to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) where the union files a petition for an election.

3.  The Board then sets a date when you vote -- by secret ballot -- for the union.

4.  You vote -- in secret -- "Yes" for union representation, "No" for no union representation.

5.  A simple majority wins.

6.  The Board then certifies the union -- and soon thereafter contract negotiations begin with your employer for higher wages, job security and -- improved working conditions.

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