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January 2015

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A Future Without Fossils?

I was moved to respond to President Hill's November editorial, " A Good Jobs Boom." I am very happy for the brothers to have been employed by the oil and gas industry, however the boom is yet to come.

We are in a critical time for our world. The carbon emissions from oil, gas and coal are a threat to our lives and especially our children's lives. We need to stop all support to these industries and immediately switch to renewable energy sources. The oil and gas industry is trying to convince the American people as well as the other citizens of this world that the new fracking gas is the energy of the future. Unfortunately, this is anything but true. Fracking destroys the water, the environment, our air and the lives, property and homes of anyone close to this drilling.

I contend that the big boom will be when we switch to renewable energy and save our lives and our world. The time to act was yesterday so I hope that we can concentrate on jobs that will leave us with a future and once and for all leave the fossil fuels in the ground forever.

Fred Heaney, Local 245 retiree
Toledo, Ohio

Corporate Rule, In Meter

Here is a poem I put together. It seems to be the trend for corporate governments:

Privatize profits
Socialize losses
Get rid of all the union bosses
Was the chant
On the road to Potterville

Craig Muscroft, Local 213 member
Vancouver, British Columbia

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The Code at Work

Union electricians do it right every day and keep America going no matter what life and weather conditions there may be! I'm a retired Local 46 member and proud of all my working brothers! They get it done!

Brad Purfeerst, Local 46 retiree

USA: You Belong

Any union member who believes in their union and is a hunter or gun enthusiast and wants to join with others should join the Union Sportsmen's Alliance and not the NRA. The USA is a great organization that I strongly support as a 45-year member of IBEW.

Roy Gunter, Local 1 member
St. Louis

Supporting Union Strikers

Stay strong, guys (FairPoint strikers). I think the country is going to come back to union strong as they see that these "necessary cuts" only hurt workers and customer service while they only benefit Wall Street. The country was at its strongest right before the Taft-Hartley Act started to destroy unions and I think we are starting to recognize that. Local 6 San Francisco has your back!

John Fahey, Local 6 member
San Francisco