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Per Capita Membership
Director: James Meyer

202 728-6164

The Per Capita Department at the IBEW International Office is responsible for processing per capita reports and responding to all related correspondence for over 725,000 members in 900 IBEW local unions throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The primary duties of this department include:

  1. Updating the local financial records and the membership records stored in the IBEW computer system.

  2. Managing per capita deposits submitted by local unions on a daily basis.

  3. Reviewing and analyzing issues associated with IBEW electronic reporting systems.

  4. Notifying all IBEW district offices about the per capita status of their local unions.

  5. Providing local unions with written feedback and reports in connection with their per capita reports and payments.

  6. Reviewing the Membership Summary Reports.

  7. Recording all trial board assessments and payments.

  8. Processing all agency fee payer objections.

To All IBEW Members

Change of Address Forms

Click here to download a copy of the change of address form.

When completed, please mail or email a copy of this form to both your local office and to the IBEW International Office.

An Important Note to All Financial Secretaries and Business Managers

Standard IBEW forms which are required for processing various transactions on your per capita report can be found in the Local Connections section on the IBEW Web site. Please contact the Information Technology Department if you need to know your local union’s password.

The ICS dues accounting software is now available free of charge. All local unions are encouraged to convert their operations to electronic per capita reporting. This will enable your local union to submit per capita reports via secure file transfer using the IBEW web site, as well as electronic fund transfers of your per capita payments.


A Reminder for IBEW Members with Participating Withdrawal Cards:

Participating withdrawal card (PWC) payments and any related correspondence should be directed to the attention of the Per Capita Department. Members who have been issued a participating withdrawal card are required to pay their dues directly to the IBEW International Office quarterly (three months) in advance. Please make all checks payable to the IBEW, and include your full name and card number on your check. Payments should be sent to the following address:

IBEW – Per Capita Department
Salvatore J. Chilia, International Secretary-Treasurer
900 Seventh Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

Quarterly “A” Membership Participating Withdrawal Card Rates
2014 - $96.00 quarterly ($32.00 per month)
2015 - $99.00 quarterly ($33.00 per month)

Quarterly “BA” Membership Participating Withdrawal Card Rates
2014 - $51.00 quarterly ($17.00 per month)
2015 - $51.00 quarterly ($17.00 per month)

Sorry, we cannot accept credit card payments via phone or Internet at this time.

If you have recently been issued a PWC card by your local and are making your first payment, please include a copy of your participating withdrawal card with your check.

Dues Delinquencies

If you are an active IBEW member and have fallen behind with your dues payments, please contact your local union office as soon as possible for more information.

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