The Employee Free Choice Act

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A growing, bipartisan coalition of policymakers supports the Employee Free Choice Act, proposed legislation that would ensure that workers have a free choice and a fair chance to form a union. Simply put, the Employee Free Choice Act will allow workers to once again choose to form unions without the fear of being fired.


The legislation would:

  • Give workers a fair and direct path to form unions through majority sign-up

  • Help employees secure a contract with their employer in a reasonable period of time

  • Toughen penalties against employers who violate their workers' rights.  

Congress Holds the Cards...

This battle will be won or lost in the Senate. Call or write to thank your members if they are
co-sponsors of the Employee Free Choice Act... If not, encourage them to support it.

List of Senate Co-Sponsors                               List of House Co-Sponsors

Call your Senator                                Write your Senator


American Rights at Work just launched the first TV advertisement since Senator Specter switched party affiliations.  Our ad asks the Senator to do the right thing and support the Employee Free Choice Act.  It makes it clear that the debate on the Employee Free Choice presents a choice: help working people, or help the corporations that drove this economy out of balance. 

View the ad on and

The  Right Thing


American Rights at Work is launching a new, hard-hitting ad to support the Employee Free Choice Act.  "Greed" exposes the self-interest behind corporate opponents of the bill, and will air nationwide on cable and broadcast beginning today. 

View the ad on and

Direct YouTube link:


Articles From The Electrical Worker/Journal...

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Needed To Rebuild Middle Class

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Electrical Worker, October 2008
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AFL-CIO Opens Photo, Video Databases
for Free Choice Act Materials

Employee Free Choice Act

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Informational Fliers...

Myth vs. Reality
Is it true? The facts behind the lies about the Employee Free Choice Act

America’s Workers Shouldn’t Have to Stand Alone
More than 70 countries provide a fair way to join a union. The U.S. isn’t one of them.

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Restore the balance between workers and corporations.

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It’s no coincidence people in other industrialized countries have better pensions and health care than we do

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What is the Employee Free Choice Act and why do we need it?

Fact Sheet...

IBEW Legislative Fact Sheet on the Employee Free Choice Act
Everything you need to know about the bill


The Union Difference

Get it here in PDF format...


Wages and executive pay 1980-2000 (PowerPoint)

What members are saying about the Employee Free Choice Act...

Free Choice Act Will Stimulate Workers

Employee Free Choice Act Activism

Colorado: Denver's Local 68 Stepping Up to the Plate
Local 68 member Alonzo Reyes said, "If you don't protect your workers, you don't protect your industry - we need to have the Employee Free Choice Act." 


Colorado: Local Union Spotlight: Colorado Springs Local 113
To date, they have moved over 30 percent of their membership to write letters and to phone their senators on this critical issue.


Nebraska: Labor Leader of the Week: Rich Michel Omaha. Neb., Local 763
“I support the Employee Free Choice Act because it puts the power in the hands of the employee rather than the employer”- Rich Michel


Wisconsin: Local Union Spotlight: Milwaukee, Wis., Local 2150
Juan Roche worked for Waukesha Electric for over 17 years.  When he heard rumors that company executives planned to
cut wages and benefits in order to boost their profits, Juan began to talk to his coworkers about forming a union.