Employee Free Choice Act Activism

Santa Rosa, Calif., Local 551 has been flooding Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office with letters to support the Employee Free Choice Act.

Here is an example:

Dear Senator Feinstein,

I used to work for a nonunion electrical contractor. The journeyman who trained me was paid $24 an hour after four years with this company. This guy was trusted to work on energized equipment and risked his life for his employer, but he was never adequately compensated.

Instead the owner complained about injuries by saying, “Do you realize how many vacation houses I could have if I didn’t have to pay for insurance on you?”

This is the reason every worker should have the right to unionize. When work is difficult and dangerous, a skilled worker should have the power to demand a living wage. $24 per hour is not enough to buy a house in your district. A commercial journeyman is being exploited at this wage.

We need unions to protect the vast majority of Americans from the greed of the ultra rich.Trusting the rich to protect the interests of all Americans has gotten us on the brink of disaster.

We need unions, and we need the Employee Free Choice Act.

Brian Klinger, 3rd year apprentice
Santa Rosa, Calif. Local 551